• Get Help With Plumbing To Add A Half Bath To Your Parent's Bedroom

    Inviting a parent to live in your home is an enormous undertaking. It may not be that much work when they first move in because their mind will be set on relocating and their moving load may be small. After they have settled into your home for a year or two, they may love the space and its functionality. But, you may have noticed that they want to have a private bathroom to enjoy on their own.
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  • How To Refinish A Cast Iron Tub

    An old cast iron tub adds sophistication and old-world style to your bathroom, but they can fade and rust with time. However, a faded tub doesn't mean you have to buy a new one, which is a relief if you don't want to part with it during a remodel. Refinishing the tub is more cost-effective than a replacement, and it can be done by a novice DIY person. Follow these tips to refinish a cast iron tub:
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  • Advantages Of Porcelain Countertops

    Porcelain is an alternative building material that is commonly used for tiles and bathroom fixtures, but it is also sometimes used as a countertop material. Porcelain carries a number of unique characteristics, which give countertops made out of the material a distinctive set of advantages. Understanding what a porcelain countertop has to offer your bathroom or kitchen can help you decide if installing one is the right choice for your remodeling needs.
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