3 Tips For A New Asphalt Shingles Roof Installation When You're Renovating Your House

Posted on: 19 June 2023


When you renovate your old house, you may decide to put a new roof on if the shingles are old. A new roof gives your home an updated and fresh look. Plus, your home has better protection from storms and rain compared to a roof with worn-out shingles.

Before you decide on the shingles you want, consider the color theme for your renovation so you're sure to select the best color for the shingles. New siding or a new paint job will last for years, so you want a color match you enjoy coming home to every day. Here are three tips for an asphalt shingle roof installation.

1. Have Your New Roof Installed First

If a remodeling contractor is in charge of your renovation, they will decide on the appropriate order for renovating your house. If the decision is yours, it's usually a good idea to put the new roof on first. While damage to siding and gutters isn't common, it can happen.

If other parts of your home get damaged during the project, the problem is less serious if the old siding is still in place since it's going to come off later. If you're getting new siding, gutters, or windows too, consider putting the roof on first.

2. Clear The Area Around Your House

Make room for the crew to work by clearing everything away from your house except for your plants. This also protects your lawn ornaments so they don't get damaged. There will probably be a lot of activity around your house for a few weeks when you're getting an asphalt shingle roof installation, new siding, and new gutters, so plan to keep the area around your house free of lawn decorations, chairs, and anything else that could get in the way of their work.

This also makes it easier for the workers to clean up when their part of the renovation is complete. For instance, the roofer needs to sweep a magnet to pick up nails that have dropped to the ground.

3. Know When You Need To Be Home

You probably won't be needed when your roof replacement is done. You can arrange to meet with your contractor to make payments and review the final work, but the work crew doesn't need to go inside your house, so you can go to work as usual. Plus, you'll probably want to be away from the noise.

You may need to be home for other types of work, such as window installation, where the workers need to come inside your house. You can save your days off for when they're needed and not waste them on being home for your roof installation unless you just want to be present.