Selecting The Right Granite Countertop Color For Your Kitchen

Posted on: 5 June 2023


The decision to update your kitchen with granite countertops is a great choice, but to ensure you get the maximum style update you want, you need to consider the granite color. Granite is available in a wealth of color options, and as you might imagine, certain selections tend to work better for certain people, whereas others do not. Learn how you can select the right granite color option for your kitchen. 

Cabinet Color 

The color of your cabinets matters when selecting a granite color. As a general rule, if your cabinets are white or another lighter color, any color granite is likely to be complementary. However, with darker-colored cabinets, you might want to shy away from dark granite. Dark granite in an already dark space will make the kitchen appear smaller than it is and even cause the granite and cabinets to blend in with one another. 

Countertop Layout

Just how much countertop space you have in the kitchen is also important. There are various granite color finish design options, with some being loud and others having a more muted design. If you have a lot of countertop space in the kitchen, a toned-down color is typically going to be more attractive. A more prominent color with a busy finish might be overwhelming in a room with a lot of countertop surface area.


If you have an existing backsplash that is not part of your remodel plans, you must consider its color when you select your granite. Undoubtedly, you want the backsplash and granite colors to be complementary; they should not be competing interests. For this reason, if you have a backsplash in a dark color, granite in a lighter hue would pair well, as opposed to a dark backsplash and dark granite countertop. 


Messes and young children are a hard-to-separate combo; there is bound to be a spill in the kitchen. Granite is known for its ability to resist stains, but under certain conditions, stains can occur. Any potential stains will be more prominent in a kitchen with white or light countertops. Even if you properly seal the countertops to make them stain-resistant, light countertops in a kitchen with younger children could mean that you are constantly wiping down the surface to keep it looking clean. 

In addition to these tips, an installer can help you resolve this issue. Ask your installer about additional granite counter color selection tips.