Should You Replace Your Home's Window?

Posted on: 17 May 2023


Your home's windows are an essential part of its energy efficiency, providing you with natural light and ventilation. However, windows don't last forever. They can deteriorate over time and eventually need replacement. That's why it will help to know the key signs that your windows need to be replaced.


Do you ever sit near a window in the wintertime and feel a draft of cold air? This means that the window is no longer sealed properly and cold air is getting in from the outside. Bad seals not only make the room feel uncomfortable, but they increase your energy costs over time. Check your other windows for drafts and determine if it's time for replacement due to this factor. 


It is not normal for windows to have condensation on the inside if they are double-pane windows. This is due to there being a gap between the two panes where a special gas is inserted, which prevents temperatures from transferring through the glass. If the seal is broken and air from outside is getting between the panes of glass, you're losing the energy efficiency that double pane glass can provide. You can either try to fix the seal or get new windows installed.

Difficult Operation

Windows are supposed to be easy to open and close and should stay in the position you leave them in when the windows are open. A common problem that can happen with old windows is that they become incredibly difficult to operate. You may struggle to get the window open, or the window sash may not stay open without propping it up. This is not only a sign of damaged hardware, but windows that will not open are a safety hazard in case of a fire. 

Wood Damage

Do you have wood windows in your home? A common problem with wood is that they require a lot of maintenance over the years. If the wood is ignored it can eventually crack, warp, chip, or decay. A damaged wood window frame is difficult to fix because they are not providing the solid seal that they once had. New windows may be necessary to not only help the house look great but provide better energy efficiency as well. 


Sometimes you need to replace your windows because they simply do not look good. You may be remodeling a room of your home and have old windows that are an eyesore. Know that you don't have to replace all the windows in your home at the same time, and it's possible to just switch out the windows in rooms you are remodeling. 

For more information on window replacement, contact a professional near you.