Tips To Remodel An Aging-In-Place Bathroom

Posted on: 7 March 2023


As people age, most of them just want to stay in their homes. But with age comes physical limitations that can make certain activities more difficult.

One of the most important areas to consider if you want to make your space friendlier is the bathroom, which can be made much safer by a few simple changes. Here are three tips for remodeling an aging-in-place bathroom.

Make Sure Your Toilet Is Accessible

For those with mobility issues, transferring from a wheelchair or walker onto a toilet can be dangerous. There's a risk of slipping and falling, especially if there isn't enough room to maneuver. And if the toilet is too low, it can be difficult to stand back up.

To make an aging-in-place bathroom safer, replace your standard toilet with a commode or raised toilet seat. This will make it easier to transfer and stand up. You can also opt for a height-adjustable toilet with a hand lever on the side for extra support.

If you want an even lower profile, consider installing a wall-mounted toilet seat designed to provide more stability while making it easier to stand up and sit down. This type of toilet also offers the added benefit of leaving more floor space for moving around.

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars are essential for anyone who needs extra support or stability when getting into the shower or bathtub. They can also help provide balance when maneuvering around the bathroom. Some grab bars are even designed to double as towel racks or shelves, saving space and providing additional storage.

When installing grab bars, ensure they are securely anchored to the wall and long enough to offer full support. Look for bars with textured grips, which will help provide a better grip and prevent slipping. The textured grip can also be helpful for those with limited dexterity.

It's best to install grab bars made from stainless steel or other rust-resistant materials, as these will hold up in wet environments.

Consider Non-Slip Flooring

Slipping and falling is a major concern for older adults, especially those with limited mobility. They might easily lose their balance if the bathroom floor is wet — which is very common in bathrooms.

Installing non-slip flooring in your bathroom is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of falls and keep yourself safe while bathing or showering. Look for options like vinyl plank flooring with built-in traction control features or rubberized mats that can be used around your tub and shower area. These flooring alternatives provide a much better grip than traditional tile or hardwood surfaces.

For more information on bathroom remodeling, contact a professional near you.