How To Work With A Remodeling Contractor To Install An Island In Your Kitchen

Posted on: 1 February 2023


High-end kitchens almost always come with a kitchen island. This is an additional space that allows you to have a surface on which to cook meals and a stove on which you can cook. A kitchen island also makes your kitchen look more beautiful. If you don't have a kitchen island yet, you might want to contact a kitchen remodeling service so you can avoid the hassle of installing your kitchen island yourself and so you can avoid making mistakes. 

Make Your Kitchen More Functional

A kitchen island can provide you with extra storage, can serve as another seating area for your family and guests, and can even be used as a workspace. If you are only installing a kitchen island and are not fully remodeling your kitchen, it will only take a few days for the contractors to install the island and you will only need a modest budget.

Consult a Contractor

The remodeling project begins with the remodeling contractor analyzing your kitchen. Your kitchen remodeling contractor will explain the options that are available to you and will make sure that the island matches the rest of your kitchen.

Decide How You Want Your Island to Look

You'll be in full control of how your kitchen looks as long as the kitchen island follows building codes. The contractor will show you pictures of various types of kitchen islands and you'll be able to select the one you want. Make sure to explain how you would like your kitchen island to be customized.

Receive a Quote

You will receive a quote for how much the remodeling project will cost. Once you have paid, the contractor will obtain all of the necessary permits and will obtain the supplies needed to construct your island. You will schedule a week that fits perfectly into your schedule.

Wait for the Island to be Constructed

Building a kitchen island begins by assembling the island case. This consists of a series of boards and a base that the case will rest on. Then, various components of your kitchen island must be installed such as the stiles and trim. The base is sanded down and any cabinet doors or drawers are installed by the contractor.

If you will be installing any appliances, such as a gas stove, the contractor will make sure that the gas line and electrical wires are connected to your new appliance. After the installation is complete, the contractor will make sure that you're satisfied and will clean up any dust and debris.