How Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Works And Why You Should Consider It

Posted on: 9 December 2022


Are you sick of your old, outdated kitchen? If so, one key feature you probably would love to change is your cabinets. However, replacing kitchen cabinets is expensive, and you might not be able to afford it. There is an alternative to consider that offers a new look without spending as much money—cabinet refacing. Are you curious about what this is? Continue reading to discover the top things to know about cabinet refacing. 

The basics of cabinet refacing

The first thing to understand is what cabinet refacing involves. When you reface your cabinets, you keep the structures, which are the parts attached to your floors and walls. But you replace the doors and drawer fronts with new ones. To do this, a contractor will remove all the fronts from the cabinets and drawers. Next, they'll repair the cabinet structures if necessary and refinish them to match the new doors. Finally, they'll order new fronts and place them on the cabinets. The contractor will also install new hardware on the doors and drawers. When finished, your kitchen will look like a different place.

How to know if this will work for you

While cabinet refacing is a great way to update an old kitchen, it's not ideal for every situation. To use this method, you must meet the necessary criteria. First, your cabinets must be made of high-quality materials. This method doesn't work well for cheap cabinets. Secondly, the cabinet structures should be in good working condition. If they're worn out, you might need to replace all your cabinets instead of refacing them.

The benefits of cabinet refacing

People often choose cabinet refacing for its benefits, and the first one is the costs. You'll spend much less refacing your cabinets than replacing them. Secondly, refacing your cabinets gives you a brand-new look in this important room. You won't be able to tell that you still have your old cabinets. Your kitchen will look entirely different; it will look beautiful and new. The only downside to this option is that you'll have to keep the same layout because you can't change the layout without replacing the cabinets.

Learn more about cabinet refacing

Are you interested in learning more about cabinet refacing? You can learn about it by contacting a remodeling contractor. The contractor can look at your cabinets to determine if you can reface them and will give you a quote for the services.

Contact a local remodeling contractor to learn more about kitchen cabinet refacing