Remodeling Your Kitchen? Consider These Three Storage Ideas

Posted on: 31 August 2022


It can be an exciting time to remodel your kitchen because you're able to design it in a way that really meets your needs. However, it's important to also explore options about what you can do, because you may run into an idea that you never thought of before. Here are some creative storage ideas for your kitchen that you should consider. 

Multilevel Storage Drawers

One of your biggest limitations in a kitchen is space, which is why you need to make the most out of what you have. Every drawer in your kitchen takes up room due to the tracks and framing material around the drawer; this causes multiple drawers to take up more room and provide less storage. That's why you can regain some space with multilevel storage drawers.

These drawers are going to be a little bit deeper than your typical drawer, but they have a tray that is set inside them at the top. This allows you to use that top level for your small items, like specialty utensils, but still have access to bigger items below. You can even take the tray out and reclaim the space for larger items if necessary. 

Appliance Garage

Do you have deep countertops that you are working with? You can come up with a creative way to store all your appliances so that they are ready to use but do not take up space in your kitchen cabinets. This is done by creating an appliance garage on the countertop. It's a recessed part of your countertop that sits underneath the cabinets, with a door that rolls upward. When you want to use an appliance, you lift up the door and pull out what you need. Then it can slide back into the appliance garage and be out of sight when you're finished. 

Retractable Spice Rack

Spices are a thing that you need to use when cooking but otherwise may not want to take up space on your counter. You can hide these spices away with a retractable spice rack. This spice rack will fit in a very thin drawer that pulls out. It allows you to grab spices from both sides of the drawer, and then push the drawer back in when you're done using it. It not only gives you access to all of your spices but makes it easier to find what you want. 

Reach out to a kitchen designing service for more tips on what you can do.