3 Ways You Can Use Custom Granite Countertop Around Your House

Posted on: 10 June 2022


Granite is a popular material used during your home's construction, and for good reasons. Granite is a compound formed from various rocks, such as quartz, micas, and feldspar. The combination of these elements gives granite varying designs, colors, and textures. Granite is also durable and easy to customize for your custom countertops.

Although custom granite countertops are commonly used in the kitchen, you can install them in various areas around your home. The article explains how you can incorporate granite countertops when remodeling.

1. In Your Bathroom

If you are looking for a way to increase your bathroom's appeal, consider installing granite countertops. These countertops come in varying designs and are easily customizable. Therefore, you will surely get a countertop pattern, shape, and size matching your bathroom. The best part is that these countertops are resistant to soap, scum, and water-based stains. So, cleaning these countertops is easy, and a soft cloth and a soap solution are all you need. Moreover, these granite countertops can be sealed to make them more resistant to stains and bacteria. As a result, you can always enjoy a clean and hygienic bathroom.

2. On the Patio or Outdoor Seating Area

Do you love entertaining guests on your patio? Or do you enjoy cooking outdoors while enjoying the fresh air? If you love using your home's outdoor space, you will probably want a bar or kitchen area installed. One element you will need to consider for such spaces is the countertop. The outdoor countertop should be strong enough to withstand various elements, like direct sunlight and rain. Granite countertops check all these boxes, and you won't have to worry about cracking or warping.

3. In Your Laundry Room

Your laundry area can be a secondary entrance, a place for guests to store their coats, or a special mudroom. If you use it for other secondary purposes, you probably see your laundry room a lot, and so do your guests. For this reason, keeping it as beautiful as the other rooms in your house is important. Installing a custom multi-purpose granite countertop is a simple way to enhance your laundry room's beauty. The countertop can serve as a space for displaying various décor pieces or a cloth-folding station.

When most homeowners hear custom granite countertops, the first thing that comes to mind is the kitchen. However, granite countertops can also be ideal for your patio, bathroom, and laundry room. Hiring professionals for the installation job is the best way to ensure you get the perfect countertop for the different spaces. The experts can help you customize the countertops for each area to enhance your home's aesthetics.

For more information on custom granite countertops, contact a company near you.