Three Reasons To Add Ceiling-Hung Shelving To Your Kitchen

Posted on: 19 April 2022


Your kitchen is a part of your home in which you can never have too much storage space. If you're planning a remodel, one of your priorities might be to increase the storage capabilities of your kitchen. One option that you may not have considered is the addition of several ceiling-hung shelves. Talk to your kitchen contractor about this idea, and then begin assessing where you might want these shelves to hang. Ceiling-hung shelving comes in many different styles, and your contractor may even build you some custom shelves. Here are three reasons to add this type of shelving to your kitchen.

No Need For Walls

Most of the storage options in your kitchen will be positioned against walls. For example, you'll likely have cabinets along one or more walls in this space. A major benefit of ceiling-hung shelving is that it doesn't need to appear against a wall. This will allow you to use this type of shelving in several different parts of the kitchen. For example, if you have an island, you might have your contractor install ceiling-hung shelving above the island. The result will be a significant amount of new storage space in an area that you wouldn't otherwise have storage space.

Quick Installation

In general, adding ceiling-hung shelving to your kitchen is a relatively quick process. This is especially the case if you buy this type of shelving at a specialty kitchen shop and have your contractor install it for you, rather than order custom shelving. Quick projects during a kitchen remodeling project can be ideal for keeping the cost of the work down. For example, if your contractor can hang several of these shelves in a day, rather than perhaps spend several days creating another type of storage, your total cost of the project will be less.

Unique Look

Most kitchens don't have ceiling-hung shelving in them. If you want your kitchen to have a unique look after your remodeling project is complete, this type of shelving may be of interest to you. You may get enjoyment out of having this shelving in a few different places around the kitchen, which will not only improve your storage space but also help to give the kitchen more of a unique style. Look at some online pictures of kitchens with ceiling-hung shelving to get inspiration, and then reach out to a contractor who specializes in kitchen remodeling to discuss the changes that you want to make in your kitchen.

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