Top 4 Reasons To Consider Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on: 30 July 2021


More and more homeowners today are tired of bathing in old, outdated, and cramped bathrooms. As a result, they're embarking on bathroom remodeling projects to create more comfortable and functional spaces. Bathroom remodeling can be as simple as changing the showerhead or as advanced as changing the entire layout. Below are four reasons you should consider remodeling your bathroom. 

For Safety Reasons

You may have ignored your bathroom for a long time. Perhaps the tiles are broken or slippery, exposing you to the risk of a fall. Or maybe there are water leakages, which make the walls damp and contribute to mildew growth. Or maybe some of the electrical cables are naked and could cause electrocutions upon contact with water. 

Whatever the case, you shouldn't ignore a bathroom that isn't safe. Contact a professional bathroom remodeling contractor to make the needed changes. If there are elderly persons or kids in your household, you may also consider adding grab bars in your bathroom or replacing traditional showerheads with modern bathtubs for their safety. 

To Give It a Facelift

Times change, and so do fashion and style. Over time, your bathroom may look dated, such that you even feel uncomfortable letting visitors use it. It could be something to do with the aging fixtures, the failing plumbing, the old carpeted floor, the uncoordinated color schemes, or the worn-out fittings. 

Being the first room you enter after getting out of bed, a bathroom that makes you unhappy can negatively impact your days. Some of the amenities that could add more style and comfort to your bathroom include heated flooring, wall jets, a shower seat, touchless faucets, dual sinks, and media equipment. These will transform your old and tired bathroom into a spa-like environment. 

To Create Additional Space

You may have moved into your current house when you were still single. With time, you got married, and now you have kids. As a result, the bathroom space isn't enough to hold all your toiletries, towels, and shower supplies. Or perhaps your lifestyle has changed, and now you can afford more beauty and safety products. With bathroom remodeling, you can add new cabinetry or a double vanity to serve the needs of everyone. 

Most old homes were also designed with smaller spaces. If you cannot stretch or shower comfortably with your spouse, you may consider bumping out the walls and grabbing some space from the adjoining room or closet. Perhaps you can even add some space by reconfiguring the current layout. 

Eliminate Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues may develop in your bathroom, which become progressively worse over time. What started as a leaky tap may turn into a flooding issue. This can be annoying and costly. Instead of wasting money on repairs every now and then, call a professional contractor to remodel your bathroom and fix these problems once and for all. 

For more information about bathroom remodeling, contact a local service, like Valor Home Services.