Remodeling Your Kitchen? Try These Fresh Ideas

Posted on: 20 April 2021


Your kitchen is the center of your house, and it needs refreshing once in a while. You can explore many directions with a makeover, whether you want an intimate space or a grand modern kitchen. The kitchen remodeling market is alive with exciting ideas and trends, including:

Ceramic Tile Flooring

While hardwood flooring is popularly used in kitchen remodeling projects, you can use ceramic tiles for a sleek look. The major advantage of ceramic tiles is that they are available in just about any style. You can get them smooth or textured and select from a variety of shapes and sizes. Some tiles are even designed to mimic hardwood floors. 

If you want a more open and bigger kitchen, you can experiment with large tiles that resemble natural stone. Play around with patterns and colors to make your kitchen elegant and modern. However, you should opt for professional installation when using ceramic tile flooring. By hiring a reputable kitchen contractor, you will end up with fantastic tile work. 

Colorful Kitchen Island

For a long time, kitchen islands were squeezed into kitchens and forgotten. However, there is a trend to design statement kitchen islands that are multifunctional. In some open plan designs, the island extends into the living space and adds to the dining area.

Give your kitchen island a splash of color with hues of red, blue, yellow, purple, or any other color that complements your style. If you want muted colors, you can try charcoal gray or gray-brown. If you are feeling adventurous, a contrasting kitchen island will stand out and create a modern look. For example, a wood finish on the island will complement sleek appliances. 

Stylish Taps

Kitchen taps do not have to be an afterthought, as they can revolutionize your kitchen. Thanks to innovations in this sector, modern homeowners can get statement taps that reflect their personal style. You can get industrial-style taps in various finishes, including rose gold, chrome, satin silver, and copper. When buying tapware, check with your contractor to ensure it will match your plumbing system.

Two-Tone Cabinets

Contrasting finishes have become a hot trend in kitchen remodeling in the pursuit of statement spaces. If you have a small kitchen, two-tone cabinets can make it look spacious and interesting. Traditional kitchens featured matching cabinetry, but homeowners are experimenting with different colors for top and bottom cabinets.

If you are unsure of how to embrace this trend, start with dark colors at the bottom. Light-colored top cabinets will leave your room airy bright. However, you don't have to use bold hues. For example, you can choose white upper cabinets and pair them with a dark wood stain.