Kitchen Remodel: How To Create A Coastal Style Kitchen Inspired By The Beach

Posted on: 7 December 2020


If you love visiting the beach, designing a coastal-themed kitchen means enjoying coastal life right in your own home every day of the year. Coastal kitchens have a fresh and clean look with a splash of nautical accents to complete the beachy vibe. Let the colors of the coast inspire you when planning your kitchen remodel, and you will be on your way to having the coastal kitchen of your dreams.

Choose colors inspired by the coast

Build your kitchen remodel on a foundation of soft and soothing colors by selecting paint for walls in soft or creamy white. Add a touch of color by using sky blue or sea foam green for trim. The goal is to use color combinations that are relaxing but that also provide a refreshing feeling of energy in the room.

Add natural wood to your kitchen

Bring natural wood into your kitchen by choosing cabinets and flooring with a weathered wood finish. This will give your kitchen a sun-drenched look. Oak or white wood cabinets are also a great option for a coastal kitchen and you cannot go wrong with weathered wood plank flooring.

When selecting furniture, choose simple styles that are sturdy and constructed of hardwood. Leaving natural wood unfinished is common in coastal kitchens. If you choose to stain furniture, use a natural wood stain that allows the beauty of the wood to shine through.

Aim for a light and airy look

Keep a light and airy look in your kitchen by taking advantage of natural daylight. Cottage-inspired shutters are a great choice for windows and can be opened in the daytime to allow natural light to filter in. When choosing task lighting, choose lights that are soft, such as pendant lights or track lighting to provide plenty of artificial light for completing kitchen tasks.

Accent with a touch of nautical

For a perfect finishing touch in your coastal kitchen remodel, select a backsplash with a beach theme, such as seashells or other elements of ocean life. Tiled murals with ships or sea life are useful for creating an accent wall or focal point in your kitchen. Natural baskets are also good accent pieces to hang on a wall or display on open shelves for storing essentials.

Creating the coastal kitchen of your dreams is possible when you remodel your kitchen using colors and elements inspired by nature. Whether you are entertaining friends at the holidays or fixing a comforting meal to share with your family, a coastal themed kitchen is a welcoming and inviting haven you will enjoy spending time in every day of the year.

For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact a local contractor.