Remodeling A Flipper Home? Start With The Roof

Posted on: 19 October 2020


When remodeling a flipper home, starting with the roof is often the best way to go. Your roofing contractor will work with you to help you either repair or replace the existing roof of your flipper home so you get the most out of the investment. When you invest in the roof first, you can benefit most out of your flipper home. Here's why.

Your budget goes to the most important part of the home

There are two most important features of your flipper home that will help it last: the foundation and the roof. When you invest in the roof first, you put money into the structural integrity of the property, which will help make it a durable and reliable home for potential buyers to get into.

Your budget should first be allotted to the roof; if minor repairs are all that is needed to make the roof sound, then the rest of the budget can be put towards other parts of the home renovation. If your roofing contractor needs to replace most parts of the roof, you can do so and put the roof replacement on the home listing when you sell the home to appeal to more buyers.

Your budget goes towards what buyers want

Buyers don't want to have put a new roof on their home, so if you have your roofing contractor make your flipper home's roof look as new and appealing as possible, you can create more buyer attention even if you don't want to renovate the entire home. A new or improved roof tells buyers they are potentially saving a lot of money in future roof repairs, so even if the bathroom, bedrooms, carpeting, or other parts of the home are a bit more dated, you can expect buyers to be eager to make an offer on your property over other flipped homes because you invested in the right improvements.

Your budget is more responsibly split

If the roof to your flipper home needs work and you save the roof for last, you may have blown your budget already on other home upgrades that were not as essential to getting the home sold. For example, if you spend your budget renovating a kitchen when the roof leaks, doing the wrong renovations first will lead to a roof that is lacking security and appeal. Your roofing contractor should be the first renovation specialist you call so you can get a quote for services, get your home repaired responsibly, and get your property on the market to be sold as soon as you can.

If you have additional questions, reach out to a local roofing contractor.