Working From Home? 4 Ways Cabinets Improve the Home Office

Posted on: 13 October 2020


As more and more Americans are using their home as a base for jobs or business, the home office has taken on a more vital role. Have you, like many others, found your home office to be a little inadequate for today's needs? One solution that may solve several problems could be the right cabinets. Here are a few key ways cabinets can help.

1. Cabinets Add Storage

Many people who operate from a home office, especially once they've moved home during the pandemic, underestimate the need for storage. But home office environments often become filled with documents, files, equipment, tools of the trade, computers, and even video conference technology. Cabinets can give you a way to put it all in a place where it belongs and organize it for better, more efficient use. You also recoup the work surfaces and floor space taken up by necessary paraphernalia. 

2. Cabinets Increase Workspace

Because they primarily serve as sources of extra storage, many people underestimate the value of cabinetry as a work surface. But each base cabinet also has a convenient space above to use as additional work areas. If you need to spread out your work, then, cabinets perform very clever double duty. 

3. Cabinets Hide Clutter

With so much of the world of business being done through video conferencing, you need a space that presents a good appearance. But a working office may not be the most amenable to being the background for the video calls you want to project. Cabinetry hides the stuff you use on a regular basis, whether it's put away for a short video call or stored long-term. You can even use cabinets to stage stuff specifically for use when video conferencing—including the video conference equipment, backdrops, green screens, extra lighting, or props for use during calls. 

4. Cabinets Add Vertical Space

Home office users tend to fill up their work surfaces and floor space quickly. But they may not fully utilize the wall space above them. Upper cabinets help you make the best use of the space you have. And it frees up floor space, making the office look and feel larger. 

Can the simple addition of cabinetry turn your home office area from a frustrating experience to a comfortable and efficient space to work? If so, learn more about home office cabinet options by meeting with a local home remodeling pro right away.