3 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Remodeling Contractor

Posted on: 15 August 2019


Has your home become less than satisfactory to you? Do you want to add a room or to simply update things from what they are right now? Remodeling can be a lengthy process, but it can also be immensely rewarding. Once the construction and reconstruction have been completed, you'll have a home that better fits your idea of exactly how a home should look. Because it's a lengthy process, it's essential to ensure that you've hired the best people for the job. In order to do that, you'll need to ask the right questions before you sign any contracts and hire anyone. A few of the most important questions that you should be asking your potential remodeling contractors include:

Does this estimate include all projected costs? 

Some things that might seem relatively minor are sometimes left out of estimates by various remodeling contractors. These things can have a big impact on the final bill later. For instance, you should find out who pays if the construction is delayed for any reason. Some contractors will quote you a flat rate on labor costs and will take a hit on their income if they aren't able to complete on time. Other contractors expect you to pay labor costs for any additional labor whatsoever. Either one can be fine, depending on circumstances, but you should know ahead of time what to expect. 

How long will this project take? 

No remodeling contractors can predict the weather, something that can significantly impact the time it takes to finish a project, but an experienced contractor should be able to give you a reasonable estimate. They might tell you that a particular project will take four weeks but that it could take six or eight weeks if the rain doesn't let up and allow the work to progress as it should.

Are you licensed/insured/bonded? 

You should never hire any remodeling contractors that aren't at least insured and/or bonded. If they accidentally damage your home during the process, you'll have more recourse than if they don't have any insurance or a bond. You also need to hire licensed contractors whenever possible. Depending on what state you're located in, there may or may not be much of a licensing process. Nevertheless, you should always look for a contractor who has whatever licenses are available in your area. At the very least, always choose a contractor who has a business license and not simply a so-called handyman that you found with an online classified ad.