Make Your Closets More User-Friendly With Several Remodeling Projects

Posted on: 3 October 2017


When you look at homes for sale, it is easy to overlook storage capacity. It might seem like an attic, garage, and a few closets will be more than enough to handle your storage needs. If you are noticing that you need additional storage and you know that your closets are not that easy to use, you should get home remodeling help to improve your closets in numerous ways.

Strategical Organization

It is possible for a basic closet to have a rod for hanging clothes and a shelf above. But, this does not make it easy to optimize the storage inside the closet space. A remodeling company can come up with an organization plan for each one to implement built-in storage solutions. You can make requests in case you want to store certain items in these closets such as an iron and vacuum.

This kind of setup can include installations for dresses, shoes, jackets, and more. Also, instead of just open shelves, you can get drawers or cabinets that close to make the space look cleaner.

Ample Lighting

An essential component in each closet is sufficient lighting. Without enough light, you will have a difficult time navigating through all the belongings inside. If you are going to install both cabinets and drawers, you should consider installing lights inside these compartments.

Recessed lighting is an outstanding option for general lighting because you can add just enough fixtures to light up a closet evenly while still providing targeted lighting. Also, since this lighting type does not take up space on the walls, it will contribute to maximizing the storage space.


Another thing that you can do to make your closets easier to use and to get more use out of them is expanding them. For instance, if you have enough space in a bedroom but feel tempted to put a stack of boxes in one corner, you can sacrifice the bedroom space to make a larger closet.

It makes it possible to turn some closets into walk-in ones that are very easy to use. Remodeling professionals will need to inspect your house to determine which walls are non-load-bearing. Then, they can give you options that you can choose from based on time, size gain, and costs.

While you can make changes to your attic and garage to improve on storage, you will find it extremely beneficial to improve your closets that contribute to storage all around the house. Check it out.