Make A Truly Modern Bathroom With Brand-New Features

Posted on: 27 September 2017


Using a combination of bathrooms from apartments, motels, and old homes may have you accustomed to basic features. In your own home, the shower head may be in a standard position, but this does not necessarily provide you with highly enjoyable showers. The toilet can also do so much more than just supply reliable flushing for your family and friends to use.

If you want to transform your bathroom into one that is considered modern, you will need to invest in bathroom remodeling and have the professionals add or improve certain features.

Spa Shower

An excellent place to start is in the shower area. One disadvantage of normal shower heads is that they can provide a different experience depending on how tall you are. Those who are below average will have a tough time making easy adjustments. Also, taller family members or friends may not be able to change the shower head enough so that the water hits their entire body.

Creating a spa shower is a worthwhile investment for your family. You can install the shower head on the ceiling to provide everyone with the same showering experience. While you may love rain, getting drenched when you have all your clothes on is not ideal. But, you can bring the feeling of true rainfall into the shower without any of the drawbacks that come from rain.

Smart Toilet

When someone upgrades their toilet, they may think about getting one that uses less water per flush or even provides a dual-flush option. But, you can get so much more in a modern bathroom. A smart toilet will give you a personalized experience based on various preferences. You can find toilets with air fresheners, warming seats, and temperature-controlled water for cleaning up.

Since these toilets are a little more expensive than a basic toilet, you should analyze your budget with bathroom remodeling professionals to see how advanced of a smart toilet you can afford.

Radiant Floor Heating

Stepping out of the shower onto cold tile is not something that you may look forward to throughout winter. You can prevent this from happening again by adding radiant floor heating. This will also help whenever anyone does anything in the bathroom such as washing their face.

While there are some other ways that you can modernize a bathroom such as installing new windows and adding a jetted tub, these three features will make an enormous difference.