Class Up Your Interior With Plantation Shutters

Posted on: 21 September 2017


Are you thinking about investing into your home in order to increase the ultimate property value?There are many great remodels to consider. Of course, you probably want a remodel that won't cost too much but will have a big impact on the value of your home . But, you should also consider what remodels your home actually needs. That is, investing in a new window treatments just because yours are a little outdated, may not be the best decision. However, if your current window treatments are in bad condition, then you will want to consider updating them.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to add style in value to your windows is to install plantation shutters. This comprehensive guide explains why you should install plantation shutters and which products will be the most practical for your property.

Installation Issues

Installing plantation shutters directly on top of recessed windows is usually very easy. If your window interiors have wood casing, you have to make sure that you can find shutters that fit and that match casing style. Even if you are a skilled DIYer, installing plantation shutters is probably a job that you want to leave to professionals. Professional installer should be able to tell you your options, no matter what your existing windows look like.

The Best Materials

Choosing the right material is probably the biggest decision you need to make. That is, most people automatically choose wooden shutters. Wood is definitely a traditional choice, and it is well liked because it can be painted a solid color or stained with a clear coat. Wood also seems obvious choice if the trim, baseboards, and furniture throughout the rest of your house are made out of wood. Not only will it match, but also you will be able to repaint or stain all of these separate elements whenever you want to change your interior style.

Fiberglass Shutters

However, some people just want white shutters, and they don't want to worry about painting or staining them. If this is what you're looking for, fiberglass shutters are a great option. Fiberglass will never need to be painted and it is less susceptible to water damage. The smoother surface will not absorb dirt stains, so cleaning your fiberglass shutters will be easier than cleaning wooden shutters.

Your best bet is to actually look at both wooden in fiberglass plantation shutters in person. This way you can make sure you choose the style that fits and matches your existing interior. For more information, contact a business such as JC James Remodeling.