Remodel Tips To Transform The Look Of Your Bathroom

Posted on: 20 September 2017


If you are preparing your home for sale, or just want to update the look of your years- or decades-old bathroom, there are many ways you can accomplish this. Some simple tasks and remodel tips can change the look of your bathroom to update its most important features to bring it into this decade's style. Here are some bathroom features you can remodel to help change the look of your bathroom:

Counter Top

Your bathroom countertop comprises a large area focal point in your bathroom and can make or break the look of the room. If your bathroom countertop is still solid and in great shape, but just the wrong color, you can paint it a solid color or a color to look like marble or granite. There are many colors of countertop paint, which you can find at home improvement stores and also kits to apply a faux-marble or granite.

Be sure you follow all the preparation steps to clean and remove any residue or build-up on the surface of your counter. Also, mask off around the edges of the countertop and the water basin to prevent applying the paint onto these surfaces. If you are applying a faux finish, make sure you follow all the product's instructions for application and applying the topcoat.


Another large surface area and visual focus in your bathroom comprise the cabinets beneath the countertop. There are many attractive paints and finishes you can apply to your old, water-stained and scratched cabinets to make them look brand new again. For example, you can paint them black, a dark wood-color, or paint them white and sand their edges to make them look worn for a shabby-chic look.

Be sure to fully clean the cabinet's surfaces before applying any paint. Then, remove hardware, doors, and drawers so you can apply paint properly onto the cabinet's surfaces. You may want to take them outside for painting if the weather is nice. Lay the pieces onto a painter's tarp while you paint them.


After decades of use, a bathtub can become stained, rusted, chipped, and show signs of damage upon its interior. Replacing your bathtub for a new one can take quite a chunk out of your remodeling budget, or you can restore its interior with a bathtub glazing kit, which you can find at most home improvement stores. These kits require you to sand the bathtub's surface to remove any calcium deposits and other residues, which will prevent the repair from adhering. Then apply a new epoxy coating or to restore the bathtub to like-new condition.

If the interior walls of your bathtub or shower made of vinyl and are old and cracking, you can hire a professional to install new interior panels. If the interior walls are of tile, you can deep clean the tile to restore their shine and the look of the grout. If the tile is cracked, it is best to have it replaced by someone trained in tile work.

For more information and assistance, contact a company for a bathroom remodel quote.