Get Help With Plumbing To Add A Half Bath To Your Parent's Bedroom

Posted on: 8 September 2017


Inviting a parent to live in your home is an enormous undertaking. It may not be that much work when they first move in because their mind will be set on relocating and their moving load may be small. After they have settled into your home for a year or two, they may love the space and its functionality. But, you may have noticed that they want to have a private bathroom to enjoy on their own. This means you will want to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor and start working out the plans for construction.

Avoid a Distant Walk

One of the issues that comes with your parent using the main bathroom is that it can become troublesome for them to use. Having to walk upstairs, downstairs, or down a long hallway can take a lot of work for someone who is not as physically able as they once were. It will be relieving for your parent to be able to use a bathroom in a matter of seconds because they have one in their own bedroom. This is especially helpful for preventing accidents later on if your parent ever ends up having issues with bladder control.

No Need to Wait

Having a large family makes it likely that there will be lines for the bathroom, especially when everyone is home in the evening and on most weekends. You parent will appreciate not needing to wait in line when they want to go the bathroom. It may also be uncomfortable for them because there may not be a place for them to sit and wait while they are outside of the bathroom waiting for it to become vacant.

Personalize Features

When you add a brand-new bathroom, you can invest in all sorts of personalized features. For instance, the sink in the main bathroom may be at a standard height, but it may be too tall for your parent. In the new one, you can ask the professionals to put in a sink that is a few inches lower. It is even possible to add a walk-in tub so that you do not have to worry about your parent stepping into the bathtub. A walk-in shower with a seating area may be another great feature to help your parent as they age.

Deciding to build a new bathroom for your parent is a great move when they live in your home, especially when you know that everyone in the household can benefit from this addition.